Web Work Request Interface
Mechanic's Mate CMMS Asset Maintenance Management Software

Anyone in your organization with access to a browser can create a work order from virtually anywhere.

Mechanic’s Mate for the Web is a simple, easy to use Work Request entry interface. This option allows users with access to a Web browser to request maintenance services. The user simply selects the Facility, and enters his or her Email address (if a follow up status is wanted). This will then open the Work-Request Entry screen. There the user can choose to populate all the fields or as few of the fields necessary to describe the request.

The completed request will be forwarded to a pre-assigned maintenance technician/manager. He or she will review the request and either approve or deny the request. In either case, an email will be sent to the requester. Emails will also be automatically sent once the work order has been started and upon completion. Throughout the process, the requester is always kept informed via email.

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The process will generate an actual email notification to acknowledge receipt of your request. Note: We do not use your email in any way for any other purpose than to demonstrate the email notification process. (No time to try it yourself? Here are screen shots of the Web Login and Work-Request screens.)

Answers to common questions:

more What happens to the MechanicsMate for the Web work request information once it is sent? Does the information have to be re-keyed into another interface?

No. The data does not need to be re-keyed. Once the Work Request is sent and approved, the information is then automatically imported into data files on a workstation. The maintenance technician can choose to embellish the request by adding additional information. Typically, this information will be used by the person performing the work (spare part information, repair histories, safety information, etc.). The maintenance technician also has the option of simply processing the request as submitted without any editing.

more Will the system work on our company Intranet as well as the World Wide Web?

Yes. If your company currently has its own “private” Web page, a link can be added to your page that directs site visitors to “Click Here” if you require maintenance. This would display the work request screen.

more Will the software let me track work request activity on a “Facility” basis?

Yes. The user is prompted to select the “Facility” or location within the body of the request. Each “Facility” represents a specific data set. The information for each facility location is maintained on a location basis. Management can review activity such as number of requests generated, number open, number closed, by a date range, by facility, etc.



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