Mechanic's Mate CMMS Asset Maintenance Management Software

Purchasing Annual Support

You may purchase annual support agreements directly from your reseller. The annual support agreements provide virtually unlimited toll free telephone support. In addition, we provide at no additional charge, 90 (ninety) days (from the date of purchase) toll free telephone support with the purchase of our software. For details contact your reseller or dial 800-587-5152 EST between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.

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Phone: 800-587-5152

Maximizing benefits and ROI while minimizing risks and costs is the overall goal for all business. Our support services are designed to achieve this goal.  Providing services by people who know the business and products, we help to maximize benefits, and by providing new versions and enhancements on leading technology we secure investments, maximize uptime and minimize the total cost of ownership.

Our Maintenance & Support Philosophy

We support customers in maximizing utilization, uptime and user satisfaction by providing responsive support services and product enhancements throughout the life cycle from implementation/customization to upgrade.

Our Support Concept

We are dedicated to delivering the best available support.   We provide telephone support and ensure rapid response and knowledge about our customers’ local issues.

We believe that in order to provide the best support, companies need access to the best available knowledge. This is why the people who developed the product are also a natural part of the support process. The technical and functional expertise at our development center is always available.

Your Software Environment

We maintain an infrastructure that matches your environment.   This allows us to keep track of all customers and customer installations, as well as reported cases and patches.   This system enables life cycle support for the entire software environment. This means that we always retain an updated copy of the environment, both standard and customized software, in order to be able to recreate and analyze errors, changes and upgrades.

For our customers this means that we provide proactive support on standard and customized applications through the whole life cycle.

Control through the whole life cycle

We collaborate with customers to perform in-depth impact analysis when planning upgrade projects or other changes to the system since we have structured and detailed information about their entire environment, including customizations. This enables controlled migration of customized code and supports efficient handling of corrections or further development of customizations.

Total cost of ownership

The component architecture allows us to develop and refine the business application in an efficient way and continuously incorporate new functionality and technology. But equally important it also enables our customers to take a step-by-step approach in continuously refining all or parts of their system to respond to changing business requirements. The Maintenance & Support plan includes free access to new versions and product enhancements.

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